Roadworks - what an introduction to Chesterfield town
I don’t want to get to involved with the arguments about the long and drawn out erection of a statue or whatever it is on the Horn’s Bridge roundabout, or of it’s merits or otherwise. Like the Whittington Moor cycle path and those oh so strange sculptures in Theatre Yard, experience has shown that it is a pretty futile exercise to object or complain about these schemes. It’s a done deal .No more to be said. However on Calow Lane on Saturday I passed over the Hasland by pass three times. At 11.30am,12.15pm and 3.45pm. Each time the traffic was backing up as far as I could see towards the motorway. As far as, I suppose , junction 29? This is on a day that is not as busy as a week day I presume. A lot of people in those queues will be local people but for a lot of others this will their introductory welcome to Chesterfield. What a pity. As I said not a complaint or an objection. Just an observation from an ordinary local. Oh well, only a few more weeks to go on this project and then when the school hols are over and the traffic gets busier once again. I suppose we will start with the annual next phase of the Chesterfield to Leeds cycle path! Paul Webber Hady

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