LETTER: No point in jobs if people can’t get there

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We refer to your article in a September edition - ‘Minister hails jobs boom at tech site’ ie Markham Vale. 
The article comments: “The plan has not been without problems, notably the delay to essential transport upgrades.” How true that is if you live in Clowne. There is no direct bus service to Markham Vale, or for that matter to Calow Hospital.

We fully support the efforts being made by local councils to get Stagecoach to engage in talk to provide Clowne with direct bus services, but it would appear that Stagecoach is not willing to provide the services.

What is the point in providing new jobs if local people cannot get there unless they have a car.

Clowne Community Association would like to engage with Stagecoach on the above and invite them to come along to one of our meetings to discuss the lack of transport in our area.

G. H. Lindley

Secretary Clowne Community Association