LETTER: Minimum impact for motorists on Chesterfield Marathon day

Some of the fun runners cross the finish line in last year's event.
Some of the fun runners cross the finish line in last year's event.

In response to D. Wright by email.

The marathon, on Sunday September 20, has been publicised for several weeks now. Motorists will be able to get about on the day as there are several alternate routes available. As for emergency vehicles, they have been taken into serious consideration and will be able to move freely during the day.

Parking bays in South Shields.

Parking bays in South Shields.

As the last runners go through each section followed by several vehicles, the roads will be re-opened, allowing traffic to move freely. As with any large scale event like this, disruption is expected and is kept to a minimum. If you want more information, please go to www.chesterfieldmarathon.org.uk

I suggest that if you are that frustrated, I have an idea for you. Volunteer as a marshall and you will see first hand how everything will work.

I know all this as for the second year running, I am a marshall on the day and through a series of meetings and briefings, know which roads are closed and accessible.

This is a fun day, with a serious side to it through the fund raising for charity which is supported by at least 1,500 runners and volunteers.

Why don’t you come down on the day - you may change your mind.

Catherine Bradley

Marathon marshall