LETTER: I stuck to limit and was one of the slowest on the road

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With reference to your headline article in a recent edition, it’s common knowledge that the greatest cause of accidents is the number of twits who drive, typified by the expression “The problem with your car is the nut holding the steering wheel!”

Fr’instance, I went Cruft’s via the M1 and M42, a distance of about 65 miles. I try not to exceed the speed limits, not to break the law or get a speeding ticket. I don’t hang about so I drive at the limit or just below. You’ll not be surprised when I say that I was one of the slowest on the road, overtaken by a great number of other vehicles, driven by either sex, it wasn’t all “macho” men, age was not a factor either, I estimate that some must have been travelling at near 90 mph.

In contrast, while driving on the A61 near the Chesterfield Hotel, I witnessed the car in front flashing his headlights at the car directly in front of him after noticing that the car had a deflating rear tyre, they both pulled over to investigate. You see, not everyone is selfish.

Philip Neck

By email