LETTER: Four reasons not to demolish The Shrubberies

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I can reassure Lesley Matthews (read letter here) that others are also concerned about preventing The Shrubberies in Chesterfield from being demolished.

The Civic Society committee discussed this case at its last meeting and I have since written to the borough council making four points:

Demolition would detract from an attractive residential area that might in the future be put forward for conservation area status;

The Shrubberies has exceptionally large grounds, part of which could be used for new houses while retaining the original house;

Demolition would diminish the stock of large family homes near the town centre;

And the health authority should test the market by trying to sell The Shrubberies for residential conversion before being allowed to demolish it.

The full text of my letter can be seen on the Civic Society website, together with a short history of the house which we have prepared.

Philip Riden


Chesterfield & District Civic Society