Is Morrisons a good idea?

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So our new-ish council office at Bolsover is being turned into a Morrison store, which I don’t think is altogether a good idea.

Why should the ratepayer be stuck with the cost and inconvenience of relocation when the store could be built new on a site near Bolsover, opposite the old Bolsover pit site for instance at the stores expense.

Employment gained would be employment lost in that as we all know, the Co-op do not like competition.

It is alleged they refused to sell the old Co-op to some company like themselves, because they didn’t want competition. If they stay true to form they will close like they did at Clowne, and employment will be lost together with rates for the site, and Bolsover will be left with a large empty building.

Better competition be slightly out of town and the Co-op may stay open. This way we keep our council offices where we want them without cost and inconvenience, and gain a store with employment without loss of employment.

Bolsover I doubt could cope with the traffic.

Alan Clarke