Guardians of law - regardless of mood

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What a delight it is to see again a bobby on the beat here in town.

I made one of my infrequent trips into Chesterfield last Friday, parking up near the spire and heading towards Burlington Street.

I was stopped in my tracks outside of Yate’s pub, there was a red carpet stretching from their front door to the edge of the pavement, not only that it had a three feet high barrier on either side completely blocking off the pavement.

There is not very often a policeman around when one needs one but it was gratifying to see one a few yards away. I approached him to point out the infringement preventing a clear pedestrian passage on a public footpath and asked how it was possible that they could get away with not only the offence but the lack of proper respect to the general public.

His reply to me was, ‘Well why don’t you complain to the landlord and in any case I personally can’t see what your problem is’.

Being a ‘blue badge’ holder I have great difficulty walking at the best of times and obstacles on the pavement makes life difficult, not only for myself but the public at large. Trespasses like this should be taken to task by the guardians of the law - whether they feel inclined to or not - otherwise they are in the wrong job.

It pleases me to read in your columns however that some policemen are more diligent than the one that I had the misfortune to encountered, when I see the number of speeding offenders brought to justice.

I am just sorry none of them seem to have been caught on Hady Lane, despite a traffic calming arrangement. The speed that some vehicles do at some times but more especially at school-run times needs to be seen to be believed.

G. Arnold