Editor’s comment: Farewell to the best town in Britain...Chesterfield!

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THE King is dead, long live the King!

Alright so I’m deluding myself with notions of grandeur but what I’m actually trying to say is that after 18 months in charge of the Derbyshire Times I am leaving the helm for pastures new.

In the time I have been working in Chesterfield I’ve met some of the most amazing people. People who care about their town more than I can recall a townsfolk caring in all the places I have been – and at risk of sounding like Johnny Cash, I’ve been everywhere, man!

In the relatively short period that I have captained the good ship DT we have relaunched the website, amassed an enviable social network following, and relaunched the newspaper. Did I mention we’ve also uprooted from our historic Station Road home, and set up shop in our modern fit-for-purpose office block at Spire Walk (overlooking Horns Bridge).

Did we do a good job of modernising the newspaper? The award of runner-up best large weekly newspaper in Johnston Press should reassure you that this relatively small team is giving you the best possible media service.

Almost as soon as I’d announced my departure to the Sheffield Star on Twitter last night, I received myriad messages from YOU, the people who have made my tenure such a pleasure. Roger Flint, whom I know not from Adam, said: “Congratulations, our loss is their gain. You have been a breath of fresh air and I wish you well.”

Chris Mallory said: “Well done on the huge improvement in the DT, giving local people a voice on local issues.”

None of the above is down to me alone. It is entirely down to the collective efforts of each and every member of staff who live and breathe the Derbyshire Times.

I assure you they will continue to work hard for you, regardless of my leadership. It’s what they do best!

by James Mitchinson, Editor