EDITOR’S COMMENT: Derbyshire County Council must act swiftly at Hasland, or risk getting blood on its hands

EVERY now and then the voice of a community simply has to be listened to, and now is the time for Derbyshire County Council to listen to the people of Hasland, in whose corner the Derbyshire Times is firmly placed.

I appreciate it is difficult sometimes to separate that which is, for want of a better phrase, NIMBYism, and that which must be taken seriously, but when human life is clearly at stake, there can be no hesitation when it comes to taking action.

Our front page story this week could so easily have been detaling the loss of a young life.

Thomas Alcock told my reporter that he knew he was ‘lucky to be alive’.

But ‘luck’ shouldn’t come into it. There are plenty of people paid plenty of our money to ensure the highways and byways in our communities are safe.

But for 14 months the people of Hasland have been banging on the council’s door, insisting the lights set up on Mansfield Road were likely to kill someone.

This week’s lead letters forum is full to the brim with people urging the council to get it sorted, before it’s too late.

The message is loud and clear. Sort it out, and sort it today, otherwise the next Thomas Alcock may not be so ‘lucky’.

So, Derbyshire County Council, you have been warned: listen to what the people of Hasland want, no NEED, otherwise someone’s conscience may be burdened with something nobody should have to carry.

by James Mitchinson