Do voluntary groups give value for money?

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Are voluntary groups “crying wolf”?

We have heard some dire warnings from representatives of Derbyshire’s voluntary and community groups about the threat of cuts to the grants they receive from local councils.

They claim that some of the ‘essential’ services they provide are in jeopardy - and devastation awaits the individuals and communities who currently enjoy their support.

Are these warnings unjustifiably alarmist and really aimed at gaining public sympathy?

Just how prevalent are these voluntary services - and do they offer good value for money?

After all, these grants come from the public purse – which means our own pockets!

The Government says we all have to make financial sacrifices - so why should these groups not take their fair share of cuts?

Come on, you voluntary and community groups – what do you do with the money you get? What services are really being cut back or withdrawn - and just who is being affected?

Provide us with some hard facts and figures, if you can.