Demolition disaster

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We refer to the possible demolition of Manor College, Saltergate, Chesterfield – if it were to happen it would be a disaster.

We understand it is not a listed building as such, so it is not protected. Nevertheless, it is an attractive landmark for the town, like an old friend. We cannot understand (not knowing the details of course) why the shell of the building cannot be retained with the inside converted into a health centre, etc.

Another point, why was the building sold to the surgery knowing (presumably) that the intention was to demolish it in favour of a state of the art health centre, thus causing a huge amount of conflict and upset.

We feel very strongly that the building should be protected under the conservation act, and hope that the conservation area of the town can be extended.

Another point is that apartments opposite the college have been built with some features mirrored on the style of the college building in keeping with the surrounding area, so why now allow another style in the area (we have seen the plans)?

P and C Cory