Delay the public artwork: Why waste our money?

With regards to the revamp for the Hornsbridge roundabout, could I please ask the Derbyshire Times to ask the council not to waste the European Regional Development Fund money on any art work.

Yes, the roundabout itself does need the roads and the logic of traffic movement to be re-thought, but any artwork in the centre of the round about will be a visual distraction that will cause many accidents.

Please remember that the European fund is STILL a tax and STILL comes from the wages of hard working families. It is ludicrous that tax payers’ money is spent on art work in a recession.

What is really required for both the Hornsbridge and Whittington roundabouts are overpasses.

The thoroughfare from Hasland bypass, from Dronfield bypass and around Chesterfield bypass should have been a constant road when first designed.

Putting roundabouts in in the first place was badly done to save money, and here we are years later still paying for that decision.

Please delay the artwork until times are better.

Kathy Taylor