Cyclists and walkers at risk from neglect

With there being very few – if any – safe cycle lanes linking our villages and town with the cities, I was recently impressed by one section of pavement which has been addressed in order to serve as a duel pavement and cycle lane.

The section in question is from the top of Mastin Moor up to the M1 motorway bridge (alongside the busy A619 from Staveley to Barlborough).

Here, hedgerows have been cut back and weeds removed to reveal a 7ft wide pavement – excellent.

Why oh why are our rural and semi-rural pavements allowed to deteriorate to the point where safe protection is not offered to walkers and cyclists alike.

Take the disappearing pavement from Worksop Road to Doles Lane (the Arrow farm shop) alongside the A619 at Whitwell for instance.

Here, opposite the busy Half Moon Inn, 30ft high holly tree has been allowed to grow in the middle of the path – such is the neglect to safegaurd the precious lives of those trying to exercise and live a healthy life.

Geoff A Evans