Creatures are in UK

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Yes. I do believe that there are big cats in the UK.

Why? Because I saw one at Worth Maltravers in Dorset a few years ago.

We had walked down the track to the sea from the village. It was getting dusk when we returned up the path.

The rest of the party had gone on ahead slightly. I was in a bit of a gully and there was a field at the top of the bank. I glanced up and there it was, ambling along the top of the bank.

It wasn’t a dog or other animal, definitely a very large cat.

I hurriedly caught up with the rest of the party and mentioned the sighting to my family.

We called in the local pub, The Square and Compass for a drink. I just happened to mention the fact in the bar.

There was a hush descending in the place. I’m not sure as to why but it seemed eerie to me at the time. No one talked about it.


It was a pity that I didn’t have my camera with me at the time. So, yes there are big cats about!


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