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CAN anyone honestly admit they’ve never sat behind a wheel and cursed, shouted, gestured or sounded a horn in frustration at another road user?

Indeed, can anyone recall not having been on the receiving end of such behaviour?

Our Respect on the Road campaign isn’t about patronising drivers, or telling them how to use the road properly. It’s about encouraging everyone to consider treating fellow travellers with a common courtesy that is so lacking in day- to-day life these days. And if we can do that we’d perhaps all be a little happier as a result.

OUR picture on page five is a wonderful reminder of how Charles and Di fever gripped the nation in 1981.

Somehow it doesn’t feel quite the same this time round.

Perhaps we’re all too busy dealing gloomy economic times to put our hearts into it. But maybe we should think twice. And anyway, we have a sneaky feeling that even the most hardened cynics won’t be able to resist a peek at the TV on April 29.

WE feel it only right to apologise for today’s article on page three to all our readers who have given up chocolate for Lent. What can we say but, not long now...?