Blue bins not fit for purpose

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Let’s not beat around the bush, someone is responsible for the mass ordering of cheap bins of a design which is unfit for purpose.

They are an eyesore as a result of their very un-environmental colour. They are badly designed internally, considering their intended contents. The major problem is the flimsiness of the material used for the body of the container, particularly for the lids so that like today, with a moderate breeze, the locality is awash with litter.

I have just been along Linacre Road, and the whole of the hedgerow bordering the country park is strewn with trapped litter, all blown from bins with a lid that bends if you even blow on it. Also along the way are the numerous lids from the bins, which have been wrenched off their base by the breeze. I then returned home, to spend time clearing up my street - and all this before the bins have even been emptied.

Once the bin men arrive there will be even more as, understandably, they do not have the time to control papers on the loose.

There has never been such a problem with the green and black bins; because they are sturdier

I would like to know what is going to be done about this problem which is not going to go away and which our council tax is funding.