A responsibility to look after town’s heritage

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I am a patient of Avondale Surgery which is involved in a scheme to demolish Manor College and replace it with an extremely modern and out of character building.

Since the building was purchased it has been allowed to deteriorate, with no apparent maintenance undertaken.

I was very pleased last week when I heard that the college had been included in the conservation area, and hoped that this would stimulate the surgery into a re-think of their options.

To me there is an obvious solution to their need for larger premises.

That would be to use the building and to renovate it to provide the service they desire. With imagination this could include the use of the pool and old

gymnasium facilities which could be part of a combined complementary therapy, rehabilitation and health promotion facility to be proud of.

Instead, the surgery has sent me a letter and poster asking me to campaign for the conservation area to be rescinded, and indicating that the “prospect of being able to move to the new site is nearly impossible”.

To my point of view this is not the case.

Avondale surgery was involved in the purchase of an historic and valued part of Chesterfield.

As such they have a responsibility to help to preserve this heritage, and turn this situation to the advantage of all parties.

Anne M. Gibson