A cunning way to stimulate economy?

Call me a cynical old eccentric, but don’t you think that the threat of a petrol delivery strike is also a very cunning way of stimulating our economy?

Sometimes, devious ways can be introduced into our everyday lives in order to get us to spend more.

Maybe it is when energy bills shoot up or perhaps when mobile phone costs or the cost of a postage stamp escalate.

Whichever way we look at it, if we spend more, then the extra revenue gained in taxes etc, helps to swell the coffers of authorities, both local and national.

Here in Stanfree, we have yet to see a dog waste bin (despite there being magnificent walks and views over towards the Peak District).

Also, no sign yet of the council grass-cutting team.

Last year our final cut was carried out in mid-September.

I appreciate the high fuel costs to the vehicles machinery, the lack of manpower to carry out the physical chores, but 6 months without seeing a gang out cutting our unsightly grass and verges is stretching it a little.