We will take on anyone: Proud of the whole town

Congratulations to Sheffield. In a recent poll it was named as the happiest city.

Although a light-hearted poll, I personally was delighted with the result and national recognition for Chesterfield’s neighbouring city. Until, that is, a national newspaper (Metro) used this as an excuse to attack us.

In a list of top ten reasons why Sheffield is the UK’s happiest city, which the journalist had compiled, he saw fit to list reason number 7 as ‘Because it’s not Chesterfield.

This brought out the fighting spirit in not only me but my Destination Chesterfield colleagues, Chesterfield Borough Council and the Derbyshire Times.

Within minutes of reading the news report we made it our mission to work together and educate the ignorant journalist as to how great Chesterfield is.

A few late evening phone calls and emails and a bit of design work at midnight and the Derbyshire Times led with the story first thing the next morning.

We issued a call to arms to all our Chesterfield Champions to turn out in force at the Chesterfield Visitor Centre in Rykneld Square on Monday at 5pm, where the Derbyshire Times will be photographing us all. It was the editor’s great idea designed to show the huge support and backing from businesses for the town through Destination Chesterfield.

Derbyshire Times Editor James Mitchinson vowed to tackle the story head-on in a lead feature in the paper and a Twitter campaign has been launched asking people to tell us why they #lovechesterfield.

You can also add the #lovechesterfield twibbon to your profile on twitter and facebook profiles. The troops have been rallied and war declared on the Metro journalist who sullied our name.

I am so proud at how we have all pulled together.

I am proud that our town borders the UK’s happiest city. I’d like to think that some of the infectious goodwill of Cestrefeldians has spread from us helping them take the title. One thing I am confident of however is that if a poll was commissioned to find the UK’ s happiest town, then Chesterfield would come out on top.

Dom Stevens

Destination Chesterfield