Warning to town drivers

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POLICE are urging Bolsover motorists to remove valuables from their cars after a rise in thefts.

Since the start of October, there have been 26 thefts from vehicles in the area.

Thieves stole a laptop from a car parked in Houfton Crescent, Bolsover, between 7pm on October 26 and 8am on October 27.

Sunglasses, CDs and a man’s coat were taken from a car parked on the driveway of a house in Stratton Road, Bolsover, in the early hours of October 27.

Police are asking people to make sure they take their valuables with them when leaving their vehicles and to leave nothing, including small change, on display.

Some vehicles were targeted because they had not been locked and officers are reminding people to check their doors and boot are secure and that their windows are up.

Community Safety Partnership Sergeant Paul Smith said: “There are several steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of this type of crime.

“Park your vehicle in a garage if you have access to one and if not, park in a well-lit area.

“Make sure your alarm is activated when you leave your vehicle but, above all, don’t tempt thieves by leaving your possessions on display.”