Thanks for your support: Cash makes a difference

May I wish everybody who supported the Matlock Branch Cancer Research UK last year a very happy and healthy New Year.

The money we raise makes a huge difference to the eradication of cancer, and finances the dedicated teams of researchers to investigate new treatments.

Some of these teams are based in our region. We wish to express our thanks also to the people of Matlock for helping us to raise over a quarter of a million pounds to help change the face of cancer over the last 35years since we started a local branch here in Matlock.

We also thank the people of Matlock for supporting our events this year: a ladies’ evening, a coffee morning, a fashion show at Masson Mills, a store collection in Sainsbury’s, a quiz night and a wonderful bowls day organised by Matlock Bowls Club ,which raised £1,238.

We hope the people of Matlock will continue to support our local Branch in the future. Together we can Beat Cancer.

Mrs J. Alcock