Suspended jail for long-term drug abuser

From the courts
From the courts
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A jail sentence hangs over a man caught with a variety of drugs during a search in Chesterfield town centre.

Police stopped Alan Siddall in Market Place on April 5 and found small amounts of cannabis, diazepam and nitrazepam.

“He has a long history of drug abuse starting from the rave scene,” his solicitor, Jon Barber, told town magistrates.

“It’s a shame because unlike many drug users he has a skill. He’s a painter and decorator and he wants to work again.”

Mr Barber said Siddall, 40, was prescribed methadone to wean him off heroin and was using the other drugs for the same reason.

The court heard that he stole seven cans of deoderant spray from Lloyds Pharmacy on March 26 while a friend distracted a store assistant.

“He said his addiction to heroin led to the theft,” said Sherall Pickford, prosecuting.

Siddall, of Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, admitted possessing drugs and theft and fraudulently altering the dates on seven bus tickets on April 21.

He was given a 12-week jail term but it was suspended for a year. He also received a one-year probation supervision order, including a six-month drug rehabilitation programme, and £85 costs.

Mr Barber said Siddall left a wallet containing the altered Megarider tickets on a Stagecoach bus. Staff saw the tickets while checking who owned the wallet and Siddall was arrested after he collected it.