Shut windows warning after unusual ‘burning’ smell reported

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From Chesterfield to Sheffield, people have been reporting waking up to a smell of burning this morning.

People have taken to social media to speculate over what could be causing the strange scent, but it seems a raging fire at a wood chippings business in South Yorkshire could be to blame.

The blaze, at a bio mass company in Penistone has been raging for over two days, with five crews currently on scene bringing it under control.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, said: “The reason the smell has been carried across the county and into Derbyshire is the weather conditions overnight. It has been still and misty, so the plume of smoke has not risen as it would normally.

“There isn’t any risk to public health but we would say if you do smell it to close your windows.”

Have you smelt the scent?