Send a card... even if it’s not to dad

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FATHER’S day can be a time of sadness for many.

While happy families celebrate there remain people who can’t, or won’t, be able to send a card to their dad for a variety of reasons.

Counsellors at Relate Chesterfield are encouraging anyone who isn’t giving a card to their father this year to send it to their headquarters for free instead.

They hope people will share their true feelings in confidence, to those who understand, to stop them bottling up feelings about a father-child relationship, which can have a serious impact on others.

“Perhaps people have fallen out with their dad, never known him or maybe he is sadly no longer around,” said relationship counsellor Anthea Brodie.

“Whatever the situation it’s really good for people to express how they feel.

“People might find the process of writing the card and sending it quite tough and find it brings out some difficult feelings for them to deal with.

“This is totally normal but anyone who is struggling to cope can get in touch with us.”

And it isn’t just people who no longer have a relationship with their dad Relate hopes to reach.

Lynn Tory, Chesterfield centre manager, said: “People are often less able to tell dad how they really feel compared with mum: men feel it’s ‘soppy’ to do so.

“But it’s really important for your relationship with dad to tell him how you feel and a card can be the ideal opportunity if you’re struggling to say it.”

To send a card to Relate post to Freepost RSJH-XEUA-TXEA, Relate, 24-32 Stephenson Way, London, NW1 2HD.

They can be anonymous or include a name and email address for Relate to get in touch. Either way Relate promises to keep any details completely confidential.

If you think speaking to a counsellor would help ring Chesterfield Relate on 01246 231010, visit, or email