Safety fears over street traffic plan

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Campaigners and cabbies have raised safety concerns over council and police plans to allow taxis to use and pick-up customers along a busy Chesterfield town centre street.

Central Cars private hire cabs, bars and Chesterfield Borough Councillor Denise Hawksworth are concerned for revellers and drivers if the borough council, Derbyshire Constabulary and consultants Derbyshire County Council agree to lift restrictions on Corporation Street.

Cabbie Mr Mann, of Central Cars, explained restrictions were imposed from midnight to 4am on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and bank holidays to keep revellers safe, to avoid confrontations and ensure emergency vehicle access.

He said: “We’re concerned for people moving around safely and there is an argument lifting restrictions could lead to confrontations between revellers and drivers.”

Following a fall in crime rates, police indicated they aim to lift the restrictions to all traffic on the street so they can monitor the area before a decision is expected in June to renew the closure or not.

A decision has been made at a Taxi Consultative Group, according to police, to consult with Pubwatch, Hackney and private hire drivers.

Borough Cllr Chris Ludlow, environment chief, said police reviewed the road closure and believe it has reduced crime so they are looking to suspend closures orders to reassess the impact. The council’s Taxi Consultative Committee will consider views before making a decision. The county council said safety is paramount but it has no reason to object to restrictions being lifted.




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