Police work to tackle anti-social behaviour praised by residents in Chesterfield


A WALKABOUT to allow police and council workers to find out community issues in south Chesterfield found more than 80 per cent were happy with work being done in the area.

Officers from the Holmebrook and Rother Safer Neighbourhood Team and Chesterfield Borough Council housing officers visited more than 100 homes on Thursday, September 29.

Residents on Kingsley Avenue, Burns Close and Carlyon Gardens were asked about community problems and of those who were available 81 per cent were pleased by efforts to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

PC Katherine Hodges, of the Holmebrook and Rother SNT, said: “The responses show that initiatives put in place in recent months are paying off as residents are more confident in their local police.”

Local councillors Jenny Flood and Stewart Bradshaw also took part in the walkabout and spoke to residents about community issues.

Cllr Flood said: “There has been a lot of positive feedback from residents about anti-social behaviour being tackled by police. Any issues raised on the day have been followed up and dealt with immediately.”

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