Patient complains about treatment

NDET 12-6-12 BWJ 3 Kevin Burton, Newbold Hospital Complaint.
NDET 12-6-12 BWJ 3 Kevin Burton, Newbold Hospital Complaint.

A patient who claims he has been traumatised by his treatment at Chesterfield Royal Hospital has submitted an official complaint.

Kevin Burton, 43, of Newbold, said he was left for over 24 hours without food or water and has criticised the care he received from nurses.

Mr Burton said: “I’m not a soft person at all. I’m usually quite hard but the things I have seen have traumatised me.

“I think it needs highlighting or it is just going to carry on.”

Mr Burton was admitted to the hospital on May 23 with an eye infection.

He claims he had not eaten or drunk anything since 5.30pm the day before in preparation for his operation.

However his operation was delayed and did not take place until 11.30pm. At his request he was put on a drip at 9.30pm.

He said: “I was very dehydrated.

“When I came out of the operation an agency nurse switched a massive light on right above my head and could not turn it off.

“I was screaming in agony. Someone else had to get out of bed to switch it off. I’m waiting to see if it’s damaged my eye.”

Mr Burton, of Keswick Drive, claims he also witnessed an old man being treated badly.

He added: “The nurses said they moved his buzzer away so he couldn’t reach it.

“He was dying of cancer, it was horrendous.”

A spokesman for the hospital said an investigation had been launched and they were taking the complaint seriously.

He added: “Mr Burton contacted the hospital’s Advice Centre and described his recent experiences as a patient at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

“We were disappointed that he felt there had been a number of problems during his stay, and that there appeared to have been shortfalls in the high standard of care we expect patients at the Royal to receive.

“We use complaints as an opportunity to improve and to put things right for future patients.”