Parents fight to save pre–school

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Parents have fought to save their children’s pre–school after being told at short notice it was due to close.

When parents at Rowsley Pre–School heard the facility was going to close they leapt into action, forming their own committee in a bid to save it.

Committee member Kate Bright, of Beeley, said: “The woman who runs the setting is going on to further her career, she informed the parents she was closing the preschool.

“Unless we came up with a full new committee with a chairman and secretary it would have closed with immediate effect. We have all jumped in and it’s fantastic that we’ve managed to save it.”

She added that some parents removed their children after being told it was going to close.

The pre–school, based in Rowsley Village Hall, in School Lane, was formed in 1985 by parents in the village to provide their youngsters with a much–needed facility.

It is now run as a charity and has strong links with Rowsley Primary School.

Changes to the running of the school have been registered with Ofsted and the Charity Commission.

The committee is now searching for a setting manager to run the pre–school.

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