Olympic volunteer battles with grid-lock London commute

Pictured is the London 2012 Olympic Torch.
Pictured is the London 2012 Olympic Torch.
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DRONFIELD’S Olympic volunteer Charlie Last has been reflecting on the perils of travelling in London as he continues his work as a Games Maker with the event’s media centre.

During his latest report from the Games, Charlie told the Derbyshire Times about his commute from his digs in Stratford, East London, to the heart of the capital

He said: “Just finished my third shift. This time it was an afternoon shift, so it was much busier, as expected, than my previous morning shifts.

“But it’s not so much the work that I find the most tiring, it’s the commuting.

“How these Londoners manage to keep their sanity doing this year after year is beyond me. It takes me up to two hours door-to-door and I’m hot, bothered and shattered by the time I get to my accommodation.”

Given this morning’s news report of rush-hour traffic and commuter grid lock on London’s roads after the Olympics officially got underway at the weekend, our hearts go out to Charlie whose commute may become even longer. Hang in there, Charlie and good luck.

For a further up-date from Chain Gang cycle fundraiser Charlie, of the Carpeteer, in Dronfield, see this afternoon’s Derbyshire Times’ website.