NORTH WINGFIELD: Police called after cash delivery man gets locked out of van

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NEWS: News.
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Police were called to witness a cash delivery man climbing through the roof of his van after he got locked out.

They were called to the scene near the Texaco garage on Williamthorpe Road, North Wingfield, at around 8am this morning (May 9) after a Sunwin Security driver called to say the alarm on his van had activated and he had been locked out of his vehicle, police said.

One police car went to witness him climbing through the roof to gain access.

A spokesperson for the Co-operative group – who own Sunwin Security – said: “We can confirm that there was a technical fault with our vehicle today, which resulted in the driver being temporarily unable to access the vehicle. This was quickly resolved with the assistance of police in line with our company policy. The vehicle’s contents remained secure at all times.”