Nativity picture special

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They bring a smile to every face and often, a tear to parents’ eyes ... yes it is time to put the spotlight on the county’s youngest stars.

Schools across Derbyshire have been staging festive dramas in the run-up to Christmas.

They include everything from traditional nativities to very untraditional comedies and just about everything in-between.

There are carols, hymns, musical instruments and plenty of very fine dance moves.

Some schools stuck to well-known scripts while others seized the chance for teachers to demonstrate their own writing skills.

There are lots of tinsel halos and gold foil crowns to be seen as well as more elaborate outfits including camels , donkies and reindeer.

Teachers, support staff and, of course, pupils put hours of work into the grand productions and we are proud to be able to share their drama triumphs in this special supplement.

So happy Christmas everyone - and enjoy a peaceful holiday.




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