MATLOCK: Rotary Cup awarded to Jake Brown and Emily Thoday-Watson

Rotary Club of Matlock past president Peter Wigglesworth was honoured to present the Matlock Rotary Cup and cash awards to two local students, Jake Brown and Emily Thoday-Watson, who study at Highfields School. They were jointly awarded the Rotary Cup and a cheque each for £75 for services to the community.

Jake was nominated to receive his award for his work on the Student Parliament where he set up lots of information on the “Virtual Learning Environment” and helped many other members to share what they were doing. When he went on the first Comenius (Comenius School Partnership enables pupils, students and staff across Europe to work together on joint projects). trip to Holland he set up a website for all the schools involved to use, forging a very good working relationships with Dutch and Italian colleagues.

Emily who is in her last year at Highfields is a talented cyclist having competed in several competitions including one at the Olympic velodrome. Emily helps blind youngsters to cycle competitively riding and steering the tandem whilst the blind teenager pedals behind. However, Matlock Rotary selection panel was especially impressed by her determination to set up a link between the school and the elderly residents of the Presentation Convent Carehome. This was achieved regardless of a number of obstacles in her way.

Past president Peter commented to members at Matlock Rotary that he was greatly impressed by the determination and commitment of these young people.