‘Lights out’ say traders

sp94583  Hasland businesses & residents concernes over road alterations
sp94583 Hasland businesses & residents concernes over road alterations
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Traders say congestion chaos is blighting their village and have launched a petition urging highway bosses to take action.

Traffic lights have been installed on Mansfield Road, Hasland, to replace a mini roundabout but shop owners have slammed them as “dangerous” and say they are deterring trade.

They claim parking for shoppers has become almost impossible due to queuing cars and the pedestrian crossing takes so long to change that some people are unsure when to cross.

Now Derbyshire County Council has attached laminated signs to the crossing telling pedestrians to “wait for the green man”.

Judi Copley of Hasland Pet Supplies said: “We shouldn’t need to be told how to cross the road but people are finding it so confusing.

“It cost £151,000 and the council has had to put some signs up to educate people how to use the crossing. Most people think it’s ridiculous.”

So far traders have gathered over 1,000 signatures – calling for ‘lights out’ in Hasland and ‘back in with the roundabout.’

Resident Debbie Roe, who works in the village said: “The residents do not want to witness the decline of a lovely bustling village due to a traffic system that will eventually cause people to avoid the area.

“We need traffic to flow again, abolish the traffic lights, reinstate the mini-roundabout and reassess the pedestrian crossings before someone is killed.”

The council said it carried out the work after a number of accidents on the roundabout and poor visibility for drivers and pedestrians at the zebra crossing.

But shop owners say since the new road system was completed last month there have already been several near-misses.

Jack Greaves, of J and D Discounts said: “I’ve had a shop in Hasland for nine years and lived in Hasland for 11 and I’ve never known traffic like this in all that time.

“According to the council there’s been five accidents in so many years, but I know there have been two in just over a month.”

A spokesman for the council said: “We consulted on the work in November 2010 and discussed it with Hasland and St Leonards Community Forum. The forum gave their backing to taking out the mini roundabout and replacing it with traffic lights.

“The work was carried out in December 2011 and since then we have been back a number of times to adjust the timing of the lights.

“We acknowledge that there have been a few teething issues with the lights but we are still in the process of fine tuning.”

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