LETTER: Action needed on Chesterfield’s internet ‘black hole’

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It is no comfort for those in Chesterfield’s town centre broadband ‘black hole’ to discover that Digital Derbyshire has overlooked them once again (‘Broadband Boost’ page 3, October 16th issue).

Seventy homes in Stonegravels, built less than ten years ago, are unable to receive high-speed fibre broadband because BT Openreach, which is responsible for street cabinet fibre broadband installation, consider it is “not commercially viable” to provide it.

Despite being aware of this, Digital Derbyshire has continued to focus on rural communities, oblivious to the fact that areas of the county’s largest town remain without the high speed service that they consider is essential to the growth and well being of local communities.

How many other urban areas in Derbyshire are in the same situation and isn’t it time something was done about it?

John Taylor

Sudahall Close,