‘Leave them off’ say Chesterfield drivers after Horns Bridge traffic lights outage

Drivers have praised a chance electric fault which left the gateway to Chesterfield without any traffic lights.

Readers are tellign us traffic flowed freely after the lights around Horns Bridge roundabout shorted out again this morning, with some suggesting they should be turned off for good.

The fault was caused by the wind, the Derbyshire Times was told, and meant pedestrians could not cross and the usual times distribution of traffic was temporarily out of action.

But the roundabout has operated with no lights without any incident, whereas it’s usually prone to collisions.

Jamie Hales: “Worked much better earlier without the lights. Just went around it again now they are fixed and it’s grid-locked.”

Terry Atkinson said: “Went through at 10:30, traffic flowing freely, no lights. Come out of cinema at 14pm, lights on... traffic backed up all the way past the college. I think the council need to look at removing the lights. They’ve been down twice in the last week and every time I’ve got there the traffics been flowing beautifully.”

Laura Anne Batterham suggested an article entitled: “Drivers left to navigate Horns Bridge roundabout with ease after Storm Frank takes out the pointless traffic lights”

Marie England said: “It flows miles better. I used it three times last week at a busy time, no traffic build up or nothing it was fine.”

But Owen Pavey said the outage did present challenges for pedestrians. He added: “Imagine a guide dog and its owner trying to get into town from Hasland. How are they going to know the lights are out and they have to go further down Derby Road to safely cross?”

Signal engineer Pete Yardley for Motors Traffic, which maintains local traffic lights, told us the issue was caused by the wind playing havoc with the electrics.

He added: “It’s the wind we’ve been having which shakes the cabling in the top of the pole, and when one fuse went the whole roundabout went down.”

Still working to resolve the issue, the roundabout is currently up and running and Pete is fixing the light with the fault.

He added: “It’s not too bad for cars, because an island is an island, you just give way to the right.

“The problem is for pedestrians, because cars are just going and going and nobody stops for people who want to cross.”

Derbyhire County Council said an engineer was on site fixing the issue, but there was no major risk to drivers.

A spokesperson said: “We’ve had an engineer on the site since 9.45am who is working to resolve the problem. He is doing his best and hopefully it ill be fixed as soon as possible.

The lights are now up and running again.