Katie May, Beth Lake, Laura Smethurst, Carla Askwith and Amy Woodall.
Katie May, Beth Lake, Laura Smethurst, Carla Askwith and Amy Woodall.
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A FOURTH year of improved A Level scores is being celebrated at Eckington School.

Hard work and commitment from students and staff paid off.

Headteacher Patrick Cummings praised all the students who received their certificates today but reserved particular praise for a significant group of high achievers,.

He said: “It was led by Rebecca Crofts (A* Business, A English Language, A Psychology) and Felix James-Kahn (A* Mathematics, A Physics, A Further Mathematics).

“Rebecca will take up a place at Sheffield University to study Psychology. Felix is looking forward to studying Mathematics at Warwick University.

“We should also make mention of our improving AS results where A-C passes, A-E passes and points scores all show a significant improvement on last year. Well done year twelves!”

See below for the full results received from the school and subject key.


Rebecca Adams: Eng Lang, Law, PE; Matthew Alcock: Spt; Dale Armstrong: Des and Tech, IT, PE; Carla Askwith: BS, Law, Psychol; Sarah Beckett: Art and Des, Eng Lang, Psychol; Laura Bettison: Biol, Chem, Maths; James Blair: Film; Joseph Bottomley: Geog, Law, Psychol; Lewis Bracha: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, Film; Christie Broadhead: Biol, Maths, Psychol; Kallum Burgin: IT, Maths; Reece Button: Eng Lang, Ger; Christopher Challenger: Spt, Theatre; Joseph Churchill: Photo; Lucy Cockayne: Eng Lang, Film, Photo; Amy Colton: Art and Des, Eng Lit, Text; Megan Colton: Biol; Emma Cranfield: Eng Lang, Fr, Law; Rebecca Crofts: BS, Eng Lang, Psychol; Kane Deffley: Geog, His; Bradley Disbrow-Carpenter: Des and Tech, Geog; Danielle Dodd: Biol, Eng Lang, Psychol; Arran Donnelly: Film, Law, Maths

Alexandra Dornan: Psychol, Sociol; James Dye: Eng Lang, Film; Toni-Anne Elday: Art and Des, Photo, Psychol; Chantel Eusman: Spt; Nathan Fairest: Art and Des, Eng Lang, Maths; Georgia Ferraby: Eng Lit, Film, Theatre; Nicholas Gelsthorpe: Geog, GS, PE, Psychol; David Habershon: BS, Des and Tech, Geog; Danielle Hagin: Eng Lang, HsCare/H≻ Joseph Hallam: Geog; Christopher Hardcastle: Eng Lang, Film, His; Nicole Haslam: BS, His, Law;

Megan Heslington: Biol, Chem, Geog; Christopher Hewitt: PE, Psychol; Georgina Hewitt: Dance, Text; Sean Hill: BS, Geog, Psychol; Georgia Horn: Art and Des, Film, Psychol; Jensen Hurst: BS, Des and Tech, Phys; Laura Jackson: Biol, Chem, Maths; Felix James-Kahn: Maths, Phys; Callum Jesney: Film, Law; Brett Johnson: Eng Lang, Law, Psychol; Elliot Kelly: Eng Lit, His, Theatre; Anna Kemp: Eng Lang, Law, Psychol; Amie Kent: Law, Psychol; Megan Kirk: Eng Lit, Film, Theatre; Thomas Knight: BS, Spt; Abbie Lacey-Hatton: Eng Lang, HsCare/H≻ Thomas Laister: Spt; Bethany Lake: HsCare/H&SC, Psychol; Elysia Lavender: Photo, Text; Isabel Laycock: BS, Eng Lit, Psychol; Patrick Leach: Des and Tech, IT, PE; Jade Libberton: BS, Eng Lit, His; Jade Littlewood: Eng Lit, Photo; Victoria Martin: Childcare, HsCare/H≻ Katie Matkin: Eng Lit, Maths, Psychol; Katie May: BS, GS, Law, Psychol; Reiss McGuinness: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, Photo; Jason Millington: Biol, Chem, His; Thomas Millington: Biol, Maths, Phys; Abbigail Milne: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, Photo; Ashden Morley: BS, Spt; Lydia Naylor: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, Psychol; Alice Nicolson: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, Psychol; Joshua Osborne: BS, Spt; Rebecca Palfreyman: Eng Lit, Sociol; Ruth Parkin: Film, Photo; Daniel Phelan: Biol, Chem, Maths; Philip Riley: Des and Tech, Geog, Ger; Ben Ripley: Spt; Amanda Rivington: Biol, Chem, Maths; Jamie Robinson: Eng Lang, His, Maths; Clarissa Saunder: Art and Des, Photo, Text; Lauren Scruby: Eng Lit, Psychol; Naomi Shaw: Eng Lit, Sociol, Theatre; Emily Shimwell: Biol, Eng Lit, Psychol; Alexandra Siddall: Des and Tech, Psychol, Sociol; Ross Simmonite: Des and Tech, Photo; Laura Smethurst: Dance, Eng Lang, Psychol; William Spencer: Geog, IT, Maths; Emily State: Art and Des, Eng Lit, Text; Greg Stephens: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, PE; Samantha Stokes: Eng Lit, Film, Photo; Robert Thickett: Biol, His, Law; Toby Truman-Wright: Geog; Chloe Vernon: Biol, Film, Maths; Melissa Vingoe-Wright: Geog, Maths, Psychol; John Ward: Des and Tech; Kyle Webster: Eng Lang, Psychol, Sociol; Elliott Whiting: Des and Tech, His, Maths; Laura Widdows: Eng Lang, Law, Sociol; Jordan Wilson: Des and Tech, Spt; Scott Wilson: Eng Lang, Spt; Alice Winckle: Biol, Chem, Maths; Mykey Winstanley: Eng Lang, Film; Amy Woodall: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, Law; Ashley Woodhead: Biol, Eng Lang, His; Bennett Wormleighton: Biol, PE, Psychol; Jessica Wormleighton: Biol, BS, His.

Subject key

Acc - Accounts

App IT - Applied

Information Technology

App BS - Applied Business


Art and Des - Art and


Art and Craft - Art and


Fash and Tex - Fashion

and Textiles

Biol - Biology

BS - Business Studies

Chi - Chinese

Class Civil - Classical


Comm - Communications

Comm St -

Communication Studies

Comp - Computer Studies

Chem - Chemistry

Chr Theo - Christian


CS - Classical Studies

Des Comm - Design


Des - Design

Des and Tech/DT - Design

and Technology

Dr - Drama

Ecol - Ecology

Econ - Economics

Econ/BS - Economics and

Business Studies

Eng - English

Eng Lang - English


Eng Lit - English Literature

Env Sc - Environmental


Eth - Ethics

Fr - French

Fu Maths - Further Maths

Geog - Geography

Geol - Geology

Ger - German

Gov/Pol - Government and


GS - General Studies

His - History

Home Econ - Home


HSCare/H&SC - Health

and Social Care

IT - Information


Jap - Japanese

Lat - Latin

Maths - Mathematics

Mech - Mechanics

MS - Media Studies

Mus - Music

Mus Tech - Music


PE - Physical Education

Perf Arts/Studies -

Performing Arts/Studies

Phil - Philosophy

Photo - Photography

Phys - Physics

Pol - Politics

Psychol - Psychology

Pu Maths - Pure


RS - Religious Studies

Russ - Russian

Spa - Spanish

Sociol - Sociology

Spt - Sport Studies

T&T - Travel and tourism

Techn - Technology

Text - Textiles

Theatre - Theatre Studies

Theol - Theology