Zombies invade Chesterfield – PICTURE SLIDESHOW

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Fearless hotshots had a frightfully fun time fighting flesh-eating zombies in a Chesterfield factory at the weekend.

Fifty participants battled through 90,000 square feet of obstacles to fight the pretend living dead on Saturday night as part of the interactive Zombie Uprising game.

Participants used replica guns to shoot the zombies.

Organiser Mat Shaw said the event, which is the first of many to be staged at the dimly-lit Goyt Side site in Brampton, left players feeling exhilerated.

As soon as they arrived, gamers were thrown into the action and were carted off by soldiers for a briefing. But soon after, their guides were eaten by zombies – leaving the team to carry on alone.

For more information on the events, visit www.zombieuprising.co.uk and see page 44 of this week’s Derbyshire Times for a review of the action.




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