VIDEO: Bakewell tots get to meet reptiles

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Youngsters have come face to face with some scaley characters as part of a project on dinosaurs.

Ashover zoologist James McKay brought a selection of reptiles with him when he visited St Anselm’s Nursery, in Bakewell.

Sarah Aitken, head of early years, explained: “The children have been learning about dinosaurs, so we have looked at land dinosaurs and sea reptiles, then we moved onto extinction.

“James brought the reptiles in to show the children some of the creatures that survived and how they have evolved.

“It was terrific – we were looking at their skin texture and claws.

“It was a hands on experience for the children, so they got to stroke them and hold them – they were fascinated.”

Among the creatures the children got to meet were a 150–year–old tortoise and a two–metre–long boa constrictor.




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