Travellers moved on from Chesterfield park

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A group of travellers accused of intimidating visitors at a popular Chesterfield park have moved on.

The caravans arrived at Holmebrook Valley Park last Tuesday evening and stayed until Monday night, leaving many visitors claiming they were frightened to use the facilities.

One couple, who said they were too scared to be named, said they saw youngsters being punched by traveller children while on the playground.

“The way they were acting was inhumane,” he said. “I know they are just kids but you feel intimidated, and there is nothing you can do about it. The parents seemed to mind their own business, but they let the kids run wild.”

Annette Brown, who runs the park’s cafe, was forced to shut for two days because of problems .

She said: “We had kids coming in, trying to steal pop and sweets. They were kids as young as four. I told them they weren’t welcome but they just kept coming.

“They made my lovely customers scared to come and take their kids on the playground.”

John Riley, who walks his dog on the park every day said he heard the families playing loud music and saw children driving cars around the field.

Another dog walker, David Owens, said he found human excrement and saw litter strewn in the bushes near where the travellers parked.

Councillor Martin Stone, Chesterfield Borough Council’s assistant executive member for housing, said a summons was issued on Monday ordering them to leave. All the caravans left before a removal order was issued.




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