Fernilee parking issues come under spotlight again

The obstructed pavement at Fernilee
The obstructed pavement at Fernilee

Problems with parked cars at Fernilee have again come under the spotlight.

Whaley Bridge Town Council are to write to the DVLA, police and highways authority over the issues after receiving a letter from a former resident of the town, complaining about numerous cars parked on the pavement in the area near the Shady Oak pub.

The letter said: “On a recent visit back to Whaley Bridge it was brought to my attention the sad, disturbing and rather disgusting state of the road passing through Fernilee.

“My family and I were out walking and joined Long Hill on the bend at the Fernilee sign post. At this point the pavement changes sides, following the road on the Shady Oak side of the road.

“From this point we had to walk in the road as the pavement was taken up by cars, vans, toys and bikes.

“As you are well aware Long Hill is a fast and busy road so to have to walk in the road was dangerous, scary and unacceptable.

“It would be nice to think that in the future I will be able to walk along a pavement constructed for pedestrians, enjoy the locale and not be putting my life in danger.”

Responding to the letter, Cllr Barrie Taylor said: “This is a subject I’ve raised for a number of years. I do think it needs taking up again.

“It is extremely dangerous. Actually walking in the road there is ridiculous.

“At the very least I think we ought to be able to get these cars off the pavement.”