Expecto Patronum! That’s wand heck of a collection!

Richard Hutton and his amazing Harry Potter wand collection

Richard Hutton and his amazing Harry Potter wand collection

Do you know your horcrux from your Hogwarts? Your Dobby from your Death Eater?

One man who knows his expelliarmus from his elbow is Harry Potter-mad collector, Richard Hutton – who has amassed a spellbinding collection of replica wands from the films.

“I am a real movie buff and I just love them” said operations manager Richard, 43. “Everyone thinks I am wacky for collecting them, or that I shouldn’t be still playing with toys in my forties. But it’s a bit of fun.”

Since buying his first wand in 2011, Richard has spent around £2500 on his hoard – one of only three complete collections of all 65 Harry Potter replica wands in the world.

The others are at the Warner Brothers studios in London and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando – a far cry from Richard’s front room in Model Village, Creswell.

He said: “My favourite is the Voldemort wand because it just fitsd in the hand fantastically. I also like Slughorns as it has a twist. They are all fantastic to be honest!”

The wands, which range from £10 to £300, are made from resin – the same material used to make the wands on set. And not content with his prized cache gathering dust on shelves, Richard sought the help of framing wizard, Alwynn Morris to create a display worthy of Hogwarts

Alwynn, who owns In2Frames on Duke Street in Staveley, said: “I love it. I think it’s great. When he came in and asked whether I could do anything with these wands I was pleased, because unusual things like this is exactly what we do best.

“Would I have it in my house? Absolutely! It has gotten so much interest. We displayed it in our window for a week, and it was literally stopping traffic with people trying to have a look.

“We even had someone come in and offer £10,000 for it.”

Eight hours – and £800 later – all 65 wands have found home on a huge wood-effect mount, complete with name plaques and personal touches appropriate to each character.

“Professor Umbridge always wears pink, so hers in on a pink mount” said Richard. “And Bellatrix Lestrange’s is on a black mount with a death eater mask.”

But if you had visions of Richard having duels with friends over what do watch on the TV – think again. The collection is to be kept intact as a nest egg for his beloved grandson, three-year-old Dylan.

“I can only assume they will go up in value over time” said Richard. “So I am saving it for Dylan as an investment.”

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