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Parkside is again hosting a number of exchange students throughout the year and each is asked to write a blog for the school website.

The aim is to get them to share their experiences of an English school and life in Chesterfield.

Visiting student Paula wrote: “My name is Paula and I am 15 years old.

“I am from Madrid but I am going to stay in Chesterfield for three months. Here, I live with an English family and they are very nice and they help me a lot with the language.

“I think Parkside Community school is very big but here everyone tells me that it is small.

“As in the other English’s school you have to wear uniform, for me it is new because it is the first time I’ve worn one. The students are very nice and funny, I never feel alone here.

“In the school there is also another Spanish student, Silvia, but she is only going to stay for a month, and, she is younger than me so I don’t see her in class.

“The classes, for me, are easy because we learning things that I have learnt before in Spain. There are some subjects that I understand better than others, but I hope that in some weeks I could understand everything.

“I prefer PE lessons here to those in Spain because, in Spain we have to run for a long time and here we play table tennis and badminton, it is great fun.

“I think that my English is a little bit better, but I have to learn more and I hope to speak very good English by Christmas.

“In the school everyone asks me about the differences between England and Spain.

“On Saturday I went to town and went to see a friend who sang in Chesterfield’s got Talent. He didn’t win but he was very good and he has told me that he is going to make me a copy of his CD to take home. The winners of this were a boy and a girl who sang opera. They were amazing!