DRONFIELD: Townswomen’s Guild members learn about healthy eating

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The chairman of Dronfield Afternoon Townswomen’s Guild, Jean Jackson, welcomed 30 members and one visitor to the September meeting of the guild.

She then reported that one of the members had recently had a nasty fall in Chesterfield and needed an overnight stay in Calow Hospital. She was now home and the guild sent their best wishes for her speedy recovery.

The vice-chairman then read the minutes of the August meeting which were approved and signed by the chairman. A thank-you card had been received for the bouquet of flowers sent last month to the member who had reached her 80th birthday.

A letter had been received informing the guild that sequence dancing was held at St Paul’s Church every Wednesday afternoon and if anyone wished to attend they would be warmly welcomed.

W.O.R.K. Ltd, one of the guild’s recent charities, were still requiring T-shirts and material especially in red, green and white to assist them in making gifts in the run-up to Christmas. They would also be grateful for old greeting cards and small boxes. Members were requested to bring any of these items to the next meeting when the vice-chairman would collect them and delivery them to W.O.R.K.

Birthday cards were distributed to those members whose birthdays were due shortly.

A coffee and chat morning had been arranged for Wednesday, September 18.

The next casual lunch would be on Monday, September 30, at 12 noon at the Bowshaw (Toby Carvery). Everyone welcome.

Members were then informed that a backstage tour of the Crucible and Lyceum in Sheffield had been arranged for Tuesday, October 22, at a cost of £5 per person. Numbers required at the next meeting.

The chairman proposed that the Christmas luncheon this year be at the Robin Hood near Baslow, after a visit to Chatsworth House with a tour round the house, taking in the Christmas illuminations. There would also be time to visit Chatworth’s Christmas Market before proceeding to the Robin Hood for a buffet lunch. This proposal was favourably received and members were asked to confirm if they would be interested.

During the tea break, members were able to purchase goods from the sales table.

This month’s speaker was Tina Hensey, whose talk was entitled “Healthy Eating”. Tina informed the meeting that they needed to eat the right foods in the right proportion. Different food provides the body with different amounts of energy. Food provides the means for the body to burn off calories. Men need more energy and can manage bigger proportions of food as they have more muscle tone, whereas women have more fat and less muscle tone. Active people need more fuel (energy) to keep them going. As your energy needs go down as you get older, you need less food than when you were younger. Too much food (energy) turns to fat as the body no longer needs to store up food.

She then spoke about the basic food groups – proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Proteins were needed to repair and grow body tissues and included meat, fish, eggs and milk. There are two different types of carbohydrates – the Simple which gave a quick burst of energy such as Mars bars and chocolate digestives; and the Complex which takes the body longer to break down, for example breakfast cereals.

Fat is essential to the body as it helps nerve endings. There are different types of fat. Saturated fats (solid animal products, butter, lard) are more likely to cause fatty deposits in the arteries, whereas polyunsaturated fats (obtained from plant oil (ie olive oil, sunflower oil) are better for the body.

Other important factors for a healthy balance are vitamins, fibre, alcohol and water. Apparently vitamins are usually bought by people who least need them. Fibre helps the digestion, and although alcohol is easily digested, it is a concentrated form of energy. Water should be drunk when you are thirsty. Tina provided her audience with several bags of different items – butter, peanuts, popcorn, fruit, raisins, cheese etc. Each of these bags contained 100 calories and it was surprising to see that a large bagful of popcorn only had 100 calories, whereas only a small handful of peanuts also had 100 calories. Similarly an apple and pear together were only 100 calories. The chairman thanked Tina for her entertaining talk, which made her realise that she ate all the wrong things in the wrong amounts.

The next meeting of the guild will be on Wednesday, October 2, 2pm at the Gladys Buxton Centre. All newcomers welcome.