DERBYSHIRE: Anger amid Thatcher’s funeral

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Critics of Margaret Thatcher have spoken out ahead of her partially taxpayer-funded funeral.

The ex-Conservative Prime Minister, who died aged 87 following a stroke last week, is to be laid to rest later today.

Reports suggest the total bill, part-funded by the tax payer, will be £10m. It will be a ceremonial funeral, including a military procession and a service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

On the Derbyshire Times website, reader GDNMac commented: “Thatcher stridently and publicly declared that there was no such thing as society.

“Therefore society should most definitely not be saddled with the bill for this unpleasant politician’s funeral.”

Morag Cumming added: “Of course we shouldn’t pay for her funeral. We’ve already paid far too high a price.”

Skinbobrabbit said: “No public money should be spent on her funeral. Not one single penny.”

On our Facebook page, Samantha Elwell said: “She’s still getting money out of us even now she’s dead! I think it’s disgusting!”

Geoff Hopwood added: “Like it or not she was Prime Minister so it was always going to be a bit more than a normal funeral.”

Baroness Thatcher will perhaps best be remembered for her Government’s closure of mines which sparked bitter, long-running strikes in the mid-1980s.

Prime Minister David Cameron called Baroness Thatcher a “great Briton” and said she deserved a ceremonial funeral for “solving some of Britain’s deepest problems”.