Council bin scheme to reduce landfill waste


Bolsover District Council which has successfully introduced recycling and green waste disposal systems is set to move to a fortnightly household black bin collection to reduce landfill rubbish and boost recycling rates.

The new scheme, which will see householders’ black wheeled bins collected once every two weeks, will come into force from November 1 after the recent introduction of burgandy recycling bins and green waste bins for residents.

This scheme aims to increase recycling rates while also cutting unnecessary costs as part of the council’s savings strategy.

Bolsover District Council’s cabinet member for the environment Cllr Dennis Kelly said: “Residents across the District now have three bins to dispose of, recycle and compost their waste compared to the one they had a few years ago.

“From the comments and data we have been receiving the amount of waste collected through the black bins has decreased so it makes sense for us to move to an alternative weekly black bin collection.

“This is one of our biggest services and one that every household in the district receives so it is vital we get the communication right when implementing these new arrangements.

“We will make sure every household receives the information they need so they know exactly when their bins are going to be collected and what waste to put in which ones.”

The introduction of the burgundy bin recycling scheme, together with the green waste bins has seen a 47per cent reduction in waste sent to landfill in some areas meaning residents are recycling more and not using their black bins as often.

The council has a duty to meet targets for waste recycling as set out by the European Landfill Directive to recycle 45per cent of household waste by 2015 and 50per cent by 2020.

Cuts to the grants the council receives from Government means it has to save nearly £2m this year and changing to a fortnightly waste collection service will result in savings of around £200,000 a year.

The council stressed these savings are supported by the council using its own employees and not employing a contractor to carry out its green bin service.