CLOWNE: Dragonfly recorder Dave Goddard talks to wildlife group



On Saturday, February 9, Clowne Wildlife Group welcomed Dave Goddard to talk on 350 million years of Dragonflies. After qualifying as a mechanical engineer, this was followed by a degree in computer science. After yet another degree he is in a third career, now as an ecological consultant.

A Chris Packham programme on TV coincided with his wife and son finding a dragonfly in their garden. Interested in wildlife since a boy, Dave identified it. After joining the British Dragonfly Society and ‘volunteering’, he returned to higher education and is now the County Recorder for both Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

In his talk Dave covered all the biological differences between dragonflies and damselflies. Superb photographs, some of which, he had taken himself, demonstrated how beautiful and complex these creatures are. Whilst other creatures have ‘evolved’, these have survived virtually unchanged for 350 million years.

Group members discovered that dragonflies were in our local area because of the fossils found at Bolsover colliery.

To aid identification, he suggested a process of elimination; based on colour, size, habitat, behavioural characteristics and biological indicators, amongst others. Dave is currently in the process of publishing an atlas about these beautiful creatures that will be published later in the year.

The group will be visiting Langold Lake near Worksop next week.

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