CHESTERFIELD: Some Like It Hotter at the Pomegranate is a scorcher

Sarah Applewood as Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hotter
Sarah Applewood as Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hotter

They say you should never meet your heroes lest the reality disappoints – but what if you could meet them in the afterlife, as a reward for good behaviour?

In Sheffield-based playwright Richard Hurford’s new play Some Like It Hotter, that’s exactly what happens.

Charlie (Patrick Bridgman) arrives on the Other Side to be greeted by the stars of the movie he’s known and loved from childhood: the classic comedy Some Like It Hot. He finds he can play the piano, they draw him into the action, and key scenes from the film unfold around him as his own sparse life story emerges.

The result is pure entertainment, albeit with a thoughtful edge: a far cry from the more familiar Hurford mix of dark drama and black comedy. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis (Daniel Lloyd and Paul Matania) chaff each other good-naturedly as they did in the film, and Marilyn Monroe (a virtuoso performance by Sarah Applewood) reveals a perceptive side her real-life persona kept well hidden.

As in all the best stories, there’s a twist, and it’s all well laced with 1920s music, sung and played on stage by the multi-talented cast.

Some Like It Hotter continues its run at the Pomegranate tonight (Friday, June 7) and tomorrow.