CHESTERFIELD: Philatelic Society member Mike Moore wins Alan Staton Trophy

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The early June meeting of the Chesterfield Philatelic Society was held at the Bonsall Court, common room, Newbold.

It was a competition night, the prize being the Alan Staton Memorial Trophy, an annual competition held in memory of the society’s late club secretary. This is a competition devoted entirely to postcards - any subject. There were six entries, first up was Derrick Wayne with a display entitled “Virgin, Madonna and Child”, a Christmas Study, next Janice Hewitt with “Seaside Piers” a selection of early seaside postcards; vice-president Don Hallett - “Railway Company Postcards”, postcards issued by the railways during the early days of steam; Mike Moore - “Berlin - Times of Crisis and Conflict” Germany postcards pre World War Two and lastly Bert Orwin with “Ye Olde London Town” a study of postcards from the Victorian era.

The winner was Mike Moore, who received the Alan Staton Trophy.