CHESTERFIELD: Inspirational services users are honoured

Bob Langford.
Bob Langford.
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Chesterfield man Bob Langford has celebral palsy – but that doesn’t stop him doing what he loves.

Artistic Bob, 59, of Walton, has been painting pictures for 30 years.

It was his dad who came up with a way for him to be able to paint without using his hands.

He said: “I wear a hard hat which has a long pointer attached to it and that helps hold the paint brush in place.”

Bob was among a dozen service users of Holmewood-based Enable Care and Home Support to be honoured during a special night of celebration at Chesterfield Riverside Club last week.

The evening was a complete success and more than 70 people watched and applauded the achivements of service users who received awards for a variety of things from obtaining a qualification in business studies to embroidery skills to learning how to swim.

Tom Whittaker, inclusion officer for Enable and organiser of the event, said: “A few months ago we decided that we wanted to celebrate the successes of the service users and we came up with this idea.

“Some of the awards might seem simple, such as learning to travel independently, but they are worth celebrating.

“I hope it is a great comfort for the families of the users to know what we are trying to achieve.

“These people just want lives like everybody else and we are trying to do that.

“We like to focus on what people can do and these people have inspired everybody.

“Bob is a prime example.

“He is incredibly patient and his dedication to paint, type and use the internet is an inspiration to us all – it is very humbling.” Tom added he hopes to hold more similar ceremonies.

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