CHESTERFIELD: Competitive run for North Derbyshire Motor Club

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The Chesterfield-based North Derbyshire Motor Club has held the third off-road driving day of the season. This event was split into two sections, a skill test, and a speed driving test. The skill event, for the Yates Cup was won by Matt Tomlinson with a time of 79.06 seconds, second was Richard Staniforth (92.03) and third David Wigley (110.50). Matt completed a successful day by also winning the speed event, his time of 69.75 seconds earning him the Orr Cup, David Wigley (70.47) was second and John Staniforth (71.44) third.

One of the most popular social events on the club calendar is the archery tournament. The second leg of this event has been held at Oxcroft, with John Staniforth scoring 174 points, Joe Parkin 158 and Matt Tomlinson 150. However, the aggregate winner over the two days, and claiming the Norman Buck Trophy, was Joe Parkin with a total score of 312, with John Staniforth (302) runner-up and Matt Tomlinson (283) third.

The club also organises a pool tournament, and the third and fourth legs of this event have been held at Alfreton Snooker Centre. These were won by Richard Staniforth, (who beat Mick Clark in the first final) and Norman Buck (who beat Richard Staniforth in the second).

A motoring fun-day has been held by the club. Among the activities were a blindfold driving event, where drivers drove around a course blindfolded, listening intently to instructions given by their navigator. The winner of this was Neil Keyworth with a time of 98 seconds, with Sarah Steer second (107 seconds) and Norman Buck third (124).

This was followed by a “Constant Driving Test”, where, using a car with the speedometer covered, had to complete a lap of the course, setting their base time. They then covered the course twice more, endeavouring to match their base time. The winner was Matt Tomlinson who had a base time of 53 seconds, followed by two laps of 54 and 53 giving him a penalty of 1. Second was Alan Chapman (base time 34, two laps of 34 and 36, penalty of 2) and third equal John Staniforth (base time 78, two laps of 80 and 81, penalty 5) and Cliff Bennett (base time 44, two laps of 43 and 40, penalty 5).

The club welcomed Trudi Bridge and Sophie Dye as new members to the club.